The purpose of the Environmental Innovation Awards is to promote the goals and values of ONE CREATION as an investor by supporting young companies in the early stages of their existence and to integrate them into a community.​

Since 2010, the board of ONE CREATION has been successfully financing growth-stage private companies through its private equity allocation in the field of environmental innovation.​

In 2022 the board of ONE CREATION recognized the need to encourage entrepreneurship at an early stage in the field of environmental innovation. The board therefore decided to allocate a total amount of 45’000 CHF as awards to be shared between three companies at an earlier development stage than it would normally consider for its own portfolio. ​

After being selected by a jury out of a pool of 15 finalists, the three winning companies would not only benefit from the monetary contribution, but also from the visibility of being exposed to the community of investors of ONE CREATION as well as being invited to the upcoming Building Bridges 2024 event in Geneva (Switzerland) to present and receive their awards at the gala dinner. ​

All finalists will be joining thereafter the ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION AWARD alumni community.

Environmental Innovation Themes​

Candidate companies are expected to provide concrete and innovative solutions to environmental issues through the following themes :​

Renewable energy 
Energy efficiency
Sustainable materials
Sustainable mobility
Waste management
Water management
Sustainable food and agriculture

Who can participate?

Applications are open to any company with the following minimum characteristics:​

Minimum of 2 co-founders​

As an entrepreneur if you want to go fast, you should go alone but if you want to go far, you should have co-founders. We prefer the latter.​

Company already incorporated​

Having an already incorporated company, whatever the format (including self-employed), is the first commitment towards success.​

Possibly at an early-stage financing​

Although the process is open to any company, we would favor nascent companies either in pre-seed, seed, pre-series A or series-A financing stages.​

Solution to a concrete environmental challenge within our themes​

We look for solutions that are tackling important environmental challenges within our themes.​

Why participate?

Participants have the opportunity to gain access to a dedicated investment community focused on environmental innovations.​

The 15 finalists will benefit from:​

  • A publication on ONE CREATION’s dedicated web page.​
  • A “One Creation Environmental Innovation Finalist” label.​
  • Participation in the ONE CREATION alumni and investor network with one event per year.​
  • Optional coaching session with ONE CREATION staff to prepare for the final Jury presentation.​

The three winners will also receive:​

  • A monetary award according to their ranking.​
  • A “One Creation Environmental Innovation Winner” label.​
  • A dedicated presentation page within the 2024 ONE CREATION Annual Report.​
  • An invitation to present their company at the Building Bridges event in Geneva, 9-12 December 2024, and receive their award during the gala evening ceremony.​

The awards

 The winner will have two prize options: 

30’000 CHF for an equity participation

20’000 CHF as a grant

The second prize will be 10’000 CHF as a grant.

The third prize will be 5’000 CHF as a grant. Sponsored by SIG.

Deadline for application : October 1, 2024

ONE CREATION is a B-Corp certified investment company created in June 2010 to support the development of environmental technologies through its investment portfolio. This commitment meets the conjunction of social, economic and environmental needs.

Awards ceremony to be held at Building Bridges, an international event that aims to advance sustainable finance, on 9-12 December in Geneva.  


ONE CREATION Environmental Awards ceremony at Building Bridges 2023

6 October 2023

We are thrilled to mark the triumphant conclusion of our second edition for the ONE CREATION Environmental Innovation Awards 2023. The crowning moment took place during an unforgettable ceremony held at Building Bridges 2023 this past Wednesday. In this remarkable edition, we had the privilege of witnessing the accomplishments of three exceptional companies. Noor Nation, … Read more

Third prize sponsor


Renewable energy 

All energy solutions from non-exhaustible natural sources.   

Energy efficiency

All the processes, management systems, tools, products and services that enable a reduction in energy consumption. 

Sustainable materials

Materials which, because of their constitution or their particular function, can be substituted for existing, more polluting materials. 


Any innovation that has the potential to reduce environmental impacts through the application of their products and/or services. 

Sustainable food and agriculture

All solutions that make it possible to reconcile productivity and limit the impact of the food and agriculture sector on our environment. 

Sustainable mobility

Low-polluting means of travel and other services or products that reduce the environmental impact of the transportation of people and goods. 

Waste management

All products, services and tools that either recycle waste, produce energy from it, reduce the production of waste or treat it in a way that reduces its impact on the environment. 

Water management

Products, services and tools that enable the efficient and sustainable management of available water resources.